Top Beaches in Spain

Costa Blanca beaches, are, up there with the best of them.  It’s not just the sand.  It’s everything else that goes with it.   In my humble opinion, our local beaches are almost as good as the best Caribbean beaches without the humidity or the 12-hour flight.

When you think of ideas for a vacation in Spain, things-to-do besides ‘just going to the beach’ comes to mind.  What little pocket of Spain allows you more than you bargain for when it comes to top ideas for a vacation in Spain?

There are so many beaches in Spain, that you’d be spoilt for choice.

Many Costa Blanca beaches are blue-flagged meaning they are safe and protected, and have many services, even handicapped facilities.

And, many are within 10 minutes of Perleta Magic. Each has its own parameters, may it be distance from where you’ve parked the car (it’s free parking next to the beaches of Santa Pola),  the length of beach you’re accustomed to, an urban variety, or the idea of fighting your way across golden dunes to a wild natural stretch of sandy beach, it’s all here on our doorstep, ready for you to enjoy.

Or, perhaps it’s the availability of chiringuitos (beach bar/shacks that have beer on tap), or maybe, perhaps like Robinson Crusoe it’s the natural aspect that interests you on your vacation.

There are 15 kilometres of white sandy beaches waiting for you, within ineasy reach from Perleta Magic. These are all very safe to enjoy swimming, diving and other water sports, and are all under the careful management of the local Santa Pola ayuntamiento (council).

To begin with, we start at the northern end.  Closer to Alicante airport, you find Playa Carabassi,  an enormous, deep, deep area backed by sand dunes and naturist reserves.  Around the corner there is a natural area of tide-pools backed by cypress trees.  In this area of Spain, Spanish families on vacation go en masse to the beach. They bring everything (including the kitchen sink) to make and enjoy a huge feast by the sea.

They complete this picture with fold-up tables and chairs, a huge brolly or a fold-up open-sided tent, picnic foods, all wrapped up in clingfilm like chorizos, jamon, pasta with clams, freshly cooked fish, squid and salads… or even a ‘pollo asado’ or two, freshly cooked rotisserie chicken, falling of the bones, so succulent and juicy.

Fishing is more than popular here, in the off-peak months. Then more coves await you at Santa Pola del Este.  Most are half-moon shaped, and backed onto by cobbled cycle pathways, it’s a more quiet beachfront.  And you’ll see in front of you the Island of Tabarca, at its closest to the mainland.  You’d swear that you could even make it to Tabarca Island swimming.

Then around to the urban stretches in Santa Pola itself: Gran Playa, Playa Lissa ,Playa Tamarit, Playa Varadero, Playa Levante .  Bars and restaurants are within easy reach.

Cost Blanca beaches in general are of high standard, but unless you love the beach no matter what, is there anything else?  In Santa Pola’s case, the bay off its beaches is perfect for kite-surfing and wind-surfing, pitting skill and agility against forces of nature.   World championships in both sports are annual events here.

Many kite-surfer enthusiasts and services (like kite-surfers schools, etc) can be found on Playa La Gola, which is past the urban area and next to the salt-flats.  Wind-surfer schools and services are also on Gran Playa – maybe try it when you’re at Perleta Magic?…excellent!

Favorite beaches of Tenerife – Las Terrasistas

This is a completely man made beach, but it nonetheless a popular for it’s beautiful for it’s white sand beaches & palm trees. Perfect for relaxing with a beer. It is next to the capital of Santa Cruz. – This is a great site for organizing your trip.

Playa Pinet and Playa La Marina are found slightly further afield, ie. after the salt flats. Both are long, deep golden stretches of natural sand, great if you want to sun all day long – there are one or two restaurants there, perfect for a quick snack or a more substantial meal.  Then back to swimming and tanning with your favourite mojitos or margaritas at the customary chiringuitos or two for liquid refreshments – oh yeah! that’s what we’re talking about!