San Jose is home to amazing sceneries, breath-taking city parks, glittering buildings, and generous people. When you decide to visit this place for a vacation or business trip, you will have something fun to do all the time.

After a busy day in this city, you will need a place to rest your head. Below are some of the best hotels in San Jose.

The Hotel Valencia Santana Row

Looking for a hotel with cozy and luxurious accommodation facilities? This is a boutique hotel that will offer you with nothing but the best. Most travelers to this place have described this hotel as the most romantic in San Jose, thanks to its up-to-the-minute rooms, where you can bed down with your significant other, and enjoy the comfort of the leather-dressed furnishings, with beds customized to fit your needs and preferences. Browse hidden gems and other places in the city through the complementary Wi-Fi offered at Hotel Valencia Santana Row.

The 50” flat screen TVs will enable you stay connected with the world, and will offer the utmost entertainment you need at the comfort of your bed. Worried about meals and drinks? Worry no more. This hotel will provide you with the meal of your choice, and you will be surprised to be served with your favorite meal from your country. At the rooftop bar, you will drink your preferred beer or cocktail, as you dance to the music from top-rated DJs in the city.

The relaxing outdoor pool and hot tub will offer you with the freshness you need whenever you feel tired.

The Juniper Hotel Cupertino

This is the ultimate hotel that brings a boutique atmosphere to the entire Silicone Valley. Being part of the new collection of the Hilton’s Curio, it is surely a place you should set your feet in the next time you pay a visit to San Jose.

The interior design of the rooms in this hotel are simply amazing. The blending of the red, yellow, and blue accents will tempt you to stay longer, and interact with the unique beauty up-close and personal for quite longer.

The rooms are equipped with large flat-screen TVs, super-speed internet, and deluxe beddings. For tasty food and luxury without a hefty price tag, this is the place to be.

Fairmont San Jose

The fact that it is located adjacent to the San Jose Museum means that this is a hotel that attract business travelers and tourists in equal measures. Most guests praise this palatial hotel for its accommodation that is equipped with magnificent amenities that are hard to beat. With individual climate control, large flat-screen TVs, snug beds, and efficient marble bathrooms, this is one hotel you cannot afford to turn a blind eye on the next time you visit San Jose.


The Hilton Santa Clara

This hotel’s location is what appeases many travelers. It sits opposite the Santa Clara Convention center, it’s about 2 miles from the Great America Theme Park, and it is situated a few meters from Levi’s Stadium.

Withy mini-fridges, signature Hilton Serenity Beds, 37” flat-screen TVs, and fast-speed Wi-Fi access, the accommodation facilities in this hotel are superb. Additionally, there is an efficient pool area and fitness center; thus you can remain fresh while still enjoying the serenity of the environment. Due to the fact that it is near the Levi’s Stadium, securing a parking area when there is a football match can be challenging, but this should not deter you from securing a room here the next time you visit San Jose.


Columbus, Ohio is not just a town like any other. It is more or less a college town, where people come to watch and learn. The town is made up of an array of beautiful destinations including zoos, nature trails, amazing parks, museums, and historic neighborhoods. This makes it a darling to many travelers. Whether you come alone or with your loved ones, below are some things you should try out.

Take a Walk around the German Village

This amazing historic destination is located on the southern side of the downtown Columbus. It lies on a 233-acre piece of land; thus it’s a vast area with a broad range of activities. Whether you want to take a nature walk, dine, drink, or shop, this amazing destination will always have something good in store for you.

The cobblestone streets and the brick buildings will give you a one-time-experience you cannot find anywhere else in the globe. This is a top reason why walking around this area is the top thing you should do when you visit Columbus, Ohio.

Watch a Live Show at the Columbus Civic Theatre

This is a small, but a theatre full of life and awesome shows. An important thing to note, however, is the fact that this theatre has a sitting capacity of 50 guests; thus the seats are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. Book early, and get a spot where you will get an opportunity to intimately engage with your favorite entertainment. Down the road, you will find the Weiland’s market, where you can grab your favorite bottle of wine or bear, which you can take at the theatre as you get entertained.

Eat At the North Market

Do you love eating? Do you want a place where you will chew every minute, and still yearn for more? Visit the North Market, a place of plenty.  Here, you will find the freshest produce the world has to offer. There are over 30 merchants selling a myriad d of products; thus you can grab a beautiful piece of jewelry, furniture, or a bunch of flowers for your loved ones the moment your tummy gets full.

Experience The Villa Nova’s Happy Hour

If you came along with your family and friends, this is one of the things you should consider doing. This Italian-American Hotel is a major attraction to a wide range of clients from all walks of life.  Apart from offering its famous full lunch and dinner menu, this the place you will get the greatest happy hour in town. You will have an opportunity to enjoy heavily discounted drinks, and snack on free pizzas, wings, and a range of other bar straps. Be aware! This deals gets busy and goes faster than lightening. Be swift!

Watch a March at Ohio Stadium

Football is the biggest game in Columbus. If you are in town in the late autumn and summer months, always get into the stadium and watch a thrilling home march. Regardless of the weather, the game here will always be exhilarating!


You have planned everything, and you are now headed to the best destination in the world; Africa. All you need is the best African safari experience, huh? With the right planning, the right people, and if you are in at the right time, you are good to go. You will have fun that you could not find anywhere else in the entire globe.

Whether you are headed for a leopard safari in Kenya, a Rhino Safari in Zimbabwe, or you want to experience the great wilder beast migration at the Serengeti, an African Safari will never disappoint, and will exceed your expectations if you follow the following tips to the letter.

Pack the right things

You know what you need for an African safari, right? If it is not your first time, you are obviously a guru, but if you are doing it for the first time, you better carry the following items, or you will learn it the hard way;

  • Clothes and toiletries
  • Camera
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Prescription drugs
  • A pair of binoculars
  • Your documents e.g. passports, travel insurance, and many more (have them, you never know what the wilderness have in store for you)
  • …and other items you deem important to you.

Have a great connection with your guide

Guides are resourceful and highly knowledgeable people. They do one of the most difficult job in the world, working with people from different places, cultures, and speaking in distinct languages. Do not give them a hell of a time. Of you need to get the best out of your safari. Ask them questions, and seek clarifications on anything you need to know. Share your drinks and food with them, make them part of your safari. Let him be himself, and develop a mutual beneficial rapport with him. That way, you will always have the best.

Maximize your time

Don’t spend much time in your tent. The reason you came to Africa for a safari is simply because you want the best. Grab your drinks and food and run to the wildness. Sleep less, and explore more. Learn the behavior of animals and whatever else Mother Nature provided to Africa. If your guide finds out that you are a super fanatic of an African safari, he will do anything in his power to make your safari a memorable part of your life.

Never do a comparison

Never compare your experience with that of others. If you do, you will lose all your joy, and you will have the urge to go back home as soon as possible. Have your own experience. Do not even think of the other safari you went last year, or some years back. Tune your mind to the present moment, and enjoy that moment. Own the experience, and you will automatically get the best out of it.

Disconnect yourself from the norm

When in your safari, forget technology. Forget about who tagged you what on Facebook, who posted what on Instagram, or who emailed you. If you want to have the best, do one honorable thing; DISCONNECT. Don’t even have a look at your tablet or laptop. Live in the 1980’s, live the ideal jungle life. If you find out that you are in a place where there is no phone signal, do not get angry and curse the government of the land, count yourself lucky and enjoy the African Safari experience you came for!

Top Beaches in Spain

Costa Blanca beaches, are, up there with the best of them.  It’s not just the sand.  It’s everything else that goes with it.   In my humble opinion, our local beaches are almost as good as the best Caribbean beaches without the humidity or the 12-hour flight.

When you think of ideas for a vacation in Spain, things-to-do besides ‘just going to the beach’ comes to mind.  What little pocket of Spain allows you more than you bargain for when it comes to top ideas for a vacation in Spain?

There are so many beaches in Spain, that you’d be spoilt for choice.

Many Costa Blanca beaches are blue-flagged meaning they are safe and protected, and have many services, even handicapped facilities.

And, many are within 10 minutes of Perleta Magic. Each has its own parameters, may it be distance from where you’ve parked the car (it’s free parking next to the beaches of Santa Pola),  the length of beach you’re accustomed to, an urban variety, or the idea of fighting your way across golden dunes to a wild natural stretch of sandy beach, it’s all here on our doorstep, ready for you to enjoy.

Or, perhaps it’s the availability of chiringuitos (beach bar/shacks that have beer on tap), or maybe, perhaps like Robinson Crusoe it’s the natural aspect that interests you on your vacation.

There are 15 kilometres of white sandy beaches waiting for you, within ineasy reach from Perleta Magic. These are all very safe to enjoy swimming, diving and other water sports, and are all under the careful management of the local Santa Pola ayuntamiento (council).

To begin with, we start at the northern end.  Closer to Alicante airport, you find Playa Carabassi,  an enormous, deep, deep area backed by sand dunes and naturist reserves.  Around the corner there is a natural area of tide-pools backed by cypress trees.  In this area of Spain, Spanish families on vacation go en masse to the beach. They bring everything (including the kitchen sink) to make and enjoy a huge feast by the sea.

They complete this picture with fold-up tables and chairs, a huge brolly or a fold-up open-sided tent, picnic foods, all wrapped up in clingfilm like chorizos, jamon, pasta with clams, freshly cooked fish, squid and salads… or even a ‘pollo asado’ or two, freshly cooked rotisserie chicken, falling of the bones, so succulent and juicy.

Fishing is more than popular here, in the off-peak months. Then more coves await you at Santa Pola del Este.  Most are half-moon shaped, and backed onto by cobbled cycle pathways, it’s a more quiet beachfront.  And you’ll see in front of you the Island of Tabarca, at its closest to the mainland.  You’d swear that you could even make it to Tabarca Island swimming.

Then around to the urban stretches in Santa Pola itself: Gran Playa, Playa Lissa ,Playa Tamarit, Playa Varadero, Playa Levante .  Bars and restaurants are within easy reach.

Cost Blanca beaches in general are of high standard, but unless you love the beach no matter what, is there anything else?  In Santa Pola’s case, the bay off its beaches is perfect for kite-surfing and wind-surfing, pitting skill and agility against forces of nature.   World championships in both sports are annual events here.

Many kite-surfer enthusiasts and services (like kite-surfers schools, etc) can be found on Playa La Gola, which is past the urban area and next to the salt-flats.  Wind-surfer schools and services are also on Gran Playa – maybe try it when you’re at Perleta Magic?…excellent!

Favorite beaches of Tenerife – Las Terrasistas

This is a completely man made beach, but it nonetheless a popular for it’s beautiful for it’s white sand beaches & palm trees. Perfect for relaxing with a beer. It is next to the capital of Santa Cruz. – This is a great site for organizing your trip.

Playa Pinet and Playa La Marina are found slightly further afield, ie. after the salt flats. Both are long, deep golden stretches of natural sand, great if you want to sun all day long – there are one or two restaurants there, perfect for a quick snack or a more substantial meal.  Then back to swimming and tanning with your favourite mojitos or margaritas at the customary chiringuitos or two for liquid refreshments – oh yeah! that’s what we’re talking about!


The Best Places To Visit In Colorado Springs

It was back in the early 1850’s when Colorado Springs sprung behind Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, yet the attraction only happened on the 1870’s when people thought that the mineral water during its dry season could heal tuberculosis and other illnesses. In 2006, Colorado Springs was ranked as one of the top cities to live in according to Money Magazine. Colorado Springs was already making enough noise due to its mineral water, but add in a great, sunny climate and several rocky mountains and you get one of the most popular tourist destinations to date.

colorado springs - pikes peak

Thinking about taking the whole family on a vacation trip? Go see Colorado Springs and its vast array opportunities for sightseeing! If you wish to be one with nature on this vacation trip, then it would be best if you begin your tour of the places found close to the town. There is a broad range of locations you can travel around in this area, but this article will only discuss the most popular ones.

The one on top of my tourist’s list would be the Garden of the Gods center for visitors. Horseback riding, biking, and hiking are the most common activities you can do in this large park. A few millennium ago, several rocks were formed in a way that it has become the most sought after tourist attraction today. The odd thing about these rocks is that they possess the color red and looks breathtaking in photos. But people who wish to go on a rock climbing activity can do that here, too. For locals, it is the mist visited attraction given that it is the one closest to the town. If you are in the center of Colorado Springs, it will take you about ten minutes to get to the Garden of the Gods. Fall and spring season are the best times of the year for you to see the Garden of the Gods. Keep in mind that during the summer, the majority of the tourists come to Colorado Springs and there is a big chance that you will find yourself stuck in traffic for half of the duration of your stay.

Pikes Peak Mountain is considered to be the second most popular visiting sites in Colorado Springs. If you come from the town center and drive yourself to Pikes Peak Mountain, you will get there within one hour for as long as you won’t make short stop overs to do some sightseeing on the roadside. It has been said so because many attractions may be seen on the side of the road while you are on your way to the mountains. The Crystal Lake Reservoir is one of the things you might see on your road trip. This lake is located at the bottom of Pikes Peak Mountain and is the perfect area for an afternoon picnic. The Big Foot Country is another sight that will most likely catch your attention during your drive to the mountain. There is a large road sign that says Bigfoot crossing and it is indeed impressive to tourists.

And last but certainly not the least on sights to see in Colorado Springs would be the Colorado Springs Zoo. This is another location that is found close to town, and this is perfect for people who do not wish to drive too far. On this zoo, you can find a wide selection of animals including giraffes, lions, zebras, and much more wild animals. Bald eagles are native to these areas, yet once you are in the zoo, you will still be captivated by these majestic birds.

Out of the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, two hundred and fifty of those are bound to be sunny in Colorado Springs so you ought to book your tickets now and visit! Here we have the top seven fun activities you can tackle once you arrive:

As it has been mentioned earlier, the red rocks of the Garden of the Gods would be the best place to do this activity. The rocks are of bright red color in sandstone rock arrangement which is considered to be a playground for the people in Colorado Springs. These rocks entice several rock climbers from all corners of the country. It has been said that Pikes Peak is about 4302 meters. Once you are there, you will soon realize how thin the air can get, and there is a possibility of snow, regardless the time of the year. To guide you in mountaineering, back country skiing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, trekking, alpine touring, ice climbing, and other expeditions, you can see Pike’s Peak Alpine School.

What to look for in the Best Hotels in Chicago?

Finally you made up your mind to go to the Wind City after all didn’t you? Good going there by the way. There are only a whirl wind of surprises and activities waiting for you in Chicago and the best way to probably enjoy most of it is to stay at a luxurious hotel, with amenities and services that portrays the royal treatment. One deserves to stay in a place where he wouldn’t miss home because the stay is good and the people are gracious. Your accommodation must be just like home, a spot in this big world where you can relax, let your guard down and enjoy the trivial pleasures in life.



There are a number of factors one has to look out for in order to choose the best hotels in Chicago. Surely there is something for every vacationer out there. The hard part is, taking a pick from the vast choices. It is advisable to dig deeper than what the pictures on the internet show and what your friends tell you.

The most important thing to look out for in your hotel is the venue. Where and how your hotel is situated is an important aspect of choosing your accommodation. One such hotel with a great locality is The Peninsula Chicago. It has picked up many awards and accreditations on the way, like the Five-Diamond award and the Mobil award. Like all great places in Chicago, it is situated in the “Magnificent Mile,” with plenty of chic boutiques, upscale restaurants, lounges and many other key attractions.

The next facet one must look out for is the amenities. A good hotel must provide the basics like hot water, air-conditioning, parking space, Wi-Fi whether it is free or not, room service and just to bite off more than we can chew a spa. But there are many hotels that provides tenfold of the amenities mentioned above. One such hotel is the Four Seasons Hotel, and unless you’re living under a rock this hotel will be known to you. With refined rooms facing the city or Lake Michigan, they come with flat-screen television, I-Pod docks, free Wi-Fi, marbled bath floors and a mini bar. It has a luxury restaurant serving contemporary cuisine, a spa with beauty and health regiments, indoor pool and a whirlpool and also a sauna, steam room and a world-class fitness centre. It also has a fine business centre and a scintillating art collection.



The next aspect is that of comfort and good treatment. Not that the rest of the luxurious hotels don’t have it, but there are a few who take special care of their customers and bombard them with hospitality. One such hotel is the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago. A five star hotel who goes out of their way to provide world class service to the customers. They really know how to treat you as a king or a queen.

With the basics covered there are many more things one looks for in a hotel. For example, if you love architecture then the InterContinental Chicago is the place to go. It is actually an architectural landmark in Chicago. It has an in-house shopping facility and you can surly take advantage of the 40,000 square feet event house. It also has a large fitness centre, a spa and an Olympic junior swimming pool. The Waldorf Astoria Chicago is a top notch hotel to stay in. The icing on the cake is that most of the suites have fireplaces and a private terrace access.

And of course, the most important priority is that of safety. Gladly and truthfully, each and every luxurious hotel provides top notch security and safety both inside the rooms and outside as well. Most of the rooms have safe boxes. The hotels also have sprinklers and fire defendants. If you are carrying costly items, it is highly recommended that you safe guard these items at the hotels security locker systems before leaving your room. All though the staffs in these high end hotels are well interviewed and trained, it is best to be extra cautious when it comes to your belongings.

These are just the few obvious things one must look out for in the best hotels in Chicago. There is so much more to explore. Chicago does not only have the luxury hotels but also has budget hotels with amenities not less of any other luxury hotels. So avail yourself the best and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.


How to Find Cheap Hotel Deals in Chicago Nice and Easy

The city of Chicago has its own place in history. Each street and corner has its own story to tell. During the industrial boom in the United States of America, Chicago was the hub of all trade. Officially established in 1833, it has grown to incredible glory and size. A few of the well-known landmarks in Chicago are Shedd Aquarium, the John Hancock centre, the Sears tower and the Buckingham Fountain. This city is also a great place for the hard-core sports fan. It is home to the prestigious sport teams like the Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bears and the Chicago Blackhawks. Chicago also hosts many festivals like “The Taste of Chicago” which is the practically world’s biggest outdoor food festival and the “Chicago Blues Festival” where the top blues artists come to perform. With so many things to see and do, Chicago is forever popular. And when it comes to happening places as this, accommodation and bookings could be a hassle.


Chicago is perfect for it all, be it business or pleasure. There are so many factors to consider before booking your hotel, like the season in which you plan on visiting. If it is in a peak season then the prices of the hotel rooms also rise. Speak about good business. But, do keep in mind that not all that glitters is gold. There are so many hotels in candid prices which you can both afford and enjoy. But how to find them and take advantage of them is a big task. Finding a cheap hotel can be difficult as you do not want to sacrifice on more important priorities like comfort and safety.

Start off with the basics, your location. Shortlist the hotels in and around the places you wish to visit. By doing so you can also reduce your expenditure in commute. Truth is, you will discover more treasures by walking on the streets of Chicago rather than driving. Do your homework well and you are surely to find a hotel without having to break your bank. The best place for this is the internet, our holy grail to everything we want. Visit the popular travel websites like Expedia and Hotwire, and compare the prices. Here is a tip, be organised. Open a couple of websites in multiple tabs and compare the prices side by side. List down the discount rates and the amenities that the hotels provide. It will make your research easier. The best part is that most of the hotels narrows down to the hotels in Magnificent Mile, O’Hare or Midway airport. Once you find the best rate, then check out what the website is offering for the hotel you have chosen. Because the trick here is that, the hotel knows you paid in full but not the discounted rate you have paid for it.

At the North Michigan avenue you will find the best and obviously the priciest hotels. But the discounts they offer are very generous.

At the South Michigan Avenue is where you will find the cheap hotels with good amenities.

Another way to find a cheap hotel deal, is by getting to know the locals. The people of Chicago are friendly and sophisticated. They can hook you up with the best deals in luxurious hotels. But this suggestion is more valid for the socially active ones. For those who feel uncomfortable in talking to strangers, you can always contact some of the best tour guides in Chicago. They can fetch you the good deals and show you around as well.

Probably the best way to know your vacation spot and what the accommodations have to offer is by hearing it straight from the horse’s mouth. There are many blogs by travellers who have experiences and visited your vacation destinations. They have many useful insights and advices for all their readers.

A golden tip for those who love travelling is to be patient and resourceful. Ask for what you deserve, and what you deserve is a good holiday, both experience wise and financial wise. Do your research well and enjoy your vacation responsibly.

Avail the Best Services Offered by Good Hotels in Chicago

So you are planning on visiting Illinois’ Windy City, Chicago. Looks like you’re in for a big surprise after all. Most of all, you will be amazed by the accommodation options you have. Chicago has a wealthy range of options when it comes hotels. Starting from the downtown luxurious ones to the affordable ones. It is probably because Chicago is a top notch place for tourists that offers many attractions like the John Hancock Centre and the Sears Tower.


In order to enjoy all these fascinating places, where you stay is an important factor. The hotels in Chicago are known for its lavish interiors, impeccable services and splendid furnishings. If you are travelling with a reasonably tight budget, there are hotels which are low on prices and also furnished to match your needs and requirements. Guest are treated with the same respect and love as one would be treated in a larger than life luxurious hotel. However, if budget is not something that is on your mind then there are many five star hotels that are suitable to your selective tastes. Most of the rooms have Queen Size beds, free Wi-Fi, LCD television and a bathroom equipped with a Jacuzzi. A few of the other services you can avail are round-the-clock room services and medical assistance.

Mentioned below are few of the best hotels in Chicago and the services they provide that are worth mentioning.

  1. Hampton Inn Chicago-O’Hare International Airport: The classic rooms consists of free Wi-Fi, flat screen televisions with HD channels and customised beds, cupboards and coffee makers. They also have free breakfast and weekday breakfast bags to-go. It also has a fitness centre, business centre, meeting rooms, an indoor saltwater pool and a free airport shuttle.
  2. The James Chicago: At the minimum, this hotel provides free Wi-Fi, 42 inch flat television screens, Nintendo Wii and a city view. The loft rooms have separate living rooms and a media screening room. Whereas, the penthouse has dining areas and spa style bathrooms. If you are a dog lover, then you would appreciate the fact that they even have a dog bed. Business centre, a fitness centre, spa and complimentary breakfast are few of the other services they provide.
  3. Hotel Palomar Chicago: This hotel is quite unique. They have a work desk, yoga mats and companion goldfishes delivered to your room (obviously on request). Some suites have I-pod dockings, soaking tubs and seating areas. Spa treatments are available in-room for a price. It also has free Wi-Fi. The other freebies include morning coffee and tea, and also a nightly wine hour. With a 1940’s inspires bar and restaurant and a sundeck, this place is top score.
  4. Sheraton Chicago Hotels and Towers: The warm and classic rooms come with 32 inch flat screen television, Wi-Fi with a fee and Starbucks coffeemaker. All the rooms are featured with lake or city views. Some of the suites have lounges, kitchen, dining area and wet bars. There are many options for dining, including a steakhouse. The other amenities are a sauna, a gymnasium and an indoor heated pool.
  5. The Langham Chicago: The chic and well ventilated rooms consists of floor-to-ceiling windows and walnut vanities. They also have soaking tubs and a private bar. It also has a spa, a Mediterranean restaurant and an upscale health club.
  6. The Holiday Inn Chicago: This is a hotel that cannot go unmentioned. Along with all the basic amenities, the icing on the cake is that kids under 19 get to stay for free with an adult. It also has a sports bar and a grill, where kids under 12 get to eat for free. They also have a gym and an indoor pool. Parking and airport shuttles are free of cost.


The above are basically the materialistic things that the hotels offer. The staff are actually very hospitable people and go out of their way to serve their guests. They will make sure that all your requirements are met and if not there is always the front desk to approach to. So avail yourself the best services offered by good hotels in Chicago and have the best vacation that there is.