The Best Places To Visit In Colorado Springs

It was back in the early 1850’s when Colorado Springs sprung behind Pike’s Peak Gold Rush, yet the attraction only happened on the 1870’s when people thought that the mineral water during its dry season could heal tuberculosis and other illnesses. In 2006, Colorado Springs was ranked as one of the top cities to live in according to Money Magazine. Colorado Springs was already making enough noise due to its mineral water, but add in a great, sunny climate and several rocky mountains and you get one of the most popular tourist destinations to date.

colorado springs - pikes peak

Thinking about taking the whole family on a vacation trip? Go see Colorado Springs and its vast array opportunities for sightseeing! If you wish to be one with nature on this vacation trip, then it would be best if you begin your tour of the places found close to the town. There is a broad range of locations you can travel around in this area, but this article will only discuss the most popular ones.

The one on top of my tourist’s list would be the Garden of the Gods center for visitors. Horseback riding, biking, and hiking are the most common activities you can do in this large park. A few millennium ago, several rocks were formed in a way that it has become the most sought after tourist attraction today. The odd thing about these rocks is that they possess the color red and looks breathtaking in photos. But people who wish to go on a rock climbing activity can do that here, too. For locals, it is the mist visited attraction given that it is the one closest to the town. If you are in the center of Colorado Springs, it will take you about ten minutes to get to the Garden of the Gods. Fall and spring season are the best times of the year for you to see the Garden of the Gods. Keep in mind that during the summer, the majority of the tourists come to Colorado Springs and there is a big chance that you will find yourself stuck in traffic for half of the duration of your stay.

Pikes Peak Mountain is considered to be the second most popular visiting sites in Colorado Springs. If you come from the town center and drive yourself to Pikes Peak Mountain, you will get there within one hour for as long as you won’t make short stop overs to do some sightseeing on the roadside. It has been said so because many attractions may be seen on the side of the road while you are on your way to the mountains. The Crystal Lake Reservoir is one of the things you might see on your road trip. This lake is located at the bottom of Pikes Peak Mountain and is the perfect area for an afternoon picnic. The Big Foot Country is another sight that will most likely catch your attention during your drive to the mountain. There is a large road sign that says Bigfoot crossing and it is indeed impressive to tourists.

And last but certainly not the least on sights to see in Colorado Springs would be the Colorado Springs Zoo. This is another location that is found close to town, and this is perfect for people who do not wish to drive too far. On this zoo, you can find a wide selection of animals including giraffes, lions, zebras, and much more wild animals. Bald eagles are native to these areas, yet once you are in the zoo, you will still be captivated by these majestic birds.

Out of the three hundred and sixty-five days of the year, two hundred and fifty of those are bound to be sunny in Colorado Springs so you ought to book your tickets now and visit! Here we have the top seven fun activities you can tackle once you arrive:

As it has been mentioned earlier, the red rocks of the Garden of the Gods would be the best place to do this activity. The rocks are of bright red color in sandstone rock arrangement which is considered to be a playground for the people in Colorado Springs. These rocks entice several rock climbers from all corners of the country. It has been said that Pikes Peak is about 4302 meters. Once you are there, you will soon realize how thin the air can get, and there is a possibility of snow, regardless the time of the year. To guide you in mountaineering, back country skiing, rock climbing, snowshoeing, trekking, alpine touring, ice climbing, and other expeditions, you can see Pike’s Peak Alpine School.